The Rise and Fall of Arctanos the Devourer of Souls and the (at least) CR3 Monsterous Spiders from Mars

Memoirs of a Latter-Day Lucifer

My name is Arctanos. I tried to be a normal human. It didn’t work. I’ve never felt comfortable around people; they all go about their lives as if anything they do is worth more than their organs would sell to the local apothecary. When I was seventeen, I left the academy after killing my instructor for illegally scheduling me for kitchen duty. I’ve been wandering the countryside ever since… three long years have passed already.

A couple months ago, I met a thoroughly evil associate, one Mr. Allister Chumbly. He immediately impressed upon me an aura of darkness and depravity, and I suggested we incorporate as an adventuring party. We soon hired on Grimlore the Grave, Priest of Wee Jas to be our head of public relations. Grimlore has in his ward a mentally unstable individual who possesses some astounding arcane abilities and a pure lust for destruction, Thora Bludspurt. We’ve were spreading the harsh truth of evil in the town of Marrowdale for a month or so, and we’ve now moved on to the next town down the road. This town, Coal’s Paradise, is full of disgustingly pretty people, and there are even a large gathering of elves being harbored by the local militia.

Through our dealings with the greenskins, we’ve contracted on a loathsome crime lord, Grendelblarg. He seems to be a popular with the gobs, or at least as popular as a human can be.

Most recently, our party has returned to the return of the return of the temple of the return of elemental returning evil. We caught wind of rumors in a local tavern that we were blackmailing, and followed them to the middle of that green splotch on the map where no one has drawn anything yet and found a crumbling castle. Like true champions of evil, our agents scouted the area and we mobilized to the interior. Backed by the company, I walked through the entrance and found myself staring eye to eye with a juvenile blue dragon. He called out to me that he wanted to play and I tried to explain to him that I was not there to play. He was far too immature and underdeveloped to understand my argument and lunged at me, forcing me to evaporate into the Plane of Shadows. Our rapier-wielding rogue pulled off an amazing display of brutality, stabbing the beast in the eye, and soon the pitiful excuse for a dragon fell. We quickly descended on the corpse. Allister consumed the flesh with a feat of divine power, Thora set aside the skin and scales for armor, and Grimlore resurrected the skeleton as a drago-lich mount for Allister.

While this work was being done, I traveled back to Coal’s Paradise for an appointment with a representative of Asmodeus, wherein I was charged with the unholy duty of destroying Coal’s Paradise outright. As per the arrangement, I also received my mount, a reklero warrior named Dalinre’baatz.

I returned to the castle the next day, and myself, Grimlore and Grendelblarg began exploring the rest of the caverns below. We encountered several evil creatures and undead, all seemingly allied with a specific cult of elemental evil. Grimlore and I controlled the first undead we came across and used them to kill the other creatures in the dungeon, but not before learning about a ghast’s stench the hard way.

After killing a moderate amount of living things, we entered a room with an ornate altar and a ceremonial obelisk, which Grendelblarg looted for a handful of religious instruments. Being a bit adventurous, we performed an evil ritual ending with me placing a white sphere on the altar. This action caused a large and mildly painful explosion, followed by the appearance of a portal leading to the Nine Hells. After a moment of deliberation, the three of us proceeded onto the streets of Dis.


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