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The Moral-Dale Messenger

“A City That Puts Good Into Lawful Good “

Lawful Temple Attacked By Evil Graffiti Artist

Recently a shocking disturbance occurred at the Grand Temple of the Holy Law, respect are thee. An artists who has yet to be identified decorated the doors with a symbol of a destructive god. Church officials have told us that an authorized response will be ready for within the coming week due to the notary being unavailable at this time. Local witnesses have reported a child sized shadowy figure roaming the alleyways of that night. Police officials have said that they have leads and conclusive evidence that cannot be released at this time as to the person or persons responsible. “This will not be tollerated in our fair city.” said the Sheriff of Moraldale. “We have leads, this will be pursued.”

Dead Body Found In Morning Mayhem

For the first time in years, a dead body was found early morning outside the Holster Pub and Meat Pies. The owner explained that he had came out of his establishment to do some morning repairs, only to find the eviscerated corps of one halfling. “I thought it was a child,” he said. He immediately covered it with a blanket so that the morning gentry of lower north town might not be scarred. The guards reported that the remains where the worst seen since they can remember. Sheriff Golding responded,” This is an isolated incident. It is well known that halflings have gambling or thieving interests. It is not a threat to the local human population.” No locals had witnessed the event. several interested adventuring parties have taken up the task of finding and retrieving those responsible, dead or alive. The award pertinent information has been posted at the jobs board at all main gates.

Domestic Disturbance At Bark n’ Shark Bar

A crime against justice, and an obscenity against nature occurred yesterday. Most members of the well known band of adventures, “The Aristocrats”, where killed yesterday as a band of questionable adventurers made an appearance yesterday. Witnesses said that two heavily armored knights where talking a well known homosexual half-elf known by the name Queer-o-the gay blade. When suddenly a shot of evil erupted into the room feeling like a, “sudden absence of all that was good. it enveloped everyone and everything. i never felt that scared before and i pray to the maker that i never feel that way again.” The paladins appeared to draw there swords and accost the knights. Due to the nature of the local area, outside the inner wall, officials where not near at hand to handle the situation. Once again, a lack of proper funding has resulted in the tragic loss of some of our towns proudest citizens. When police had arrived, few were left alive. The remaining party members fled for some unknown reason. The party of the blue fist explained that they where the ones accosted first for some reason unaccounted for. Unfortunately, none of the paladins where left alive, nor the cleric, to cast know truth. Some claim that the cleric was killed by police misconduct, the city has stated that the case is under review.

Pick Pocketing Plague Hits Inner Markets

Recently the amount of reports of pick pocketing and shop lifting has been reported in the market square. Local officials have stated that forms have been submitted to the local clerics guild to offer an protective magical service to track and prevent thieving. “about time!” says local merchant Graygon the Fletcher. “It has been long known that we have thieves amongst us. After all, these bloody foreigners and humanoids coming in from the port down river, its a harbor for moral disease.” He claims to have heard of a local guild, but Sheriff Golding denies such claims. “We have this under control. It is nothing more then the works of disorganized travelers, and our Clerics can easily handle this situation.” The Temple of the Holy Law has offered its services for 15,000 gold pieces a year. Guild memberships and monthly dues are expected to rise to 15 gold pieces. “This is horrible, im screwed either way,” says Morgan the Goat Herder. “I can barely make my membership now.”

Green Skins Worsen, City Bolsters Defenses

Green skins have been reported from outer farmers. Local adventures have said they have noticed an increase in orkish random encounters. The city has responded that all is well, and as a show of good faith it has decided to bolster city defenses. Inner keep will be getting 150,000 gp in new or repaired defensive equipment. the outer wall will be expanded and reinforced. Duke CornCan has accepted the advice of his adviser Lord Folsting the lead member of the Church of the unharvested corn. Thus Local Malitias in the outer ring has been encouraged to meet weekly as, “only an equipped and trained populace can defend itself. we are our own best defense.”

Hunter Gone Missing! [Frozen Whisper]

Reports of hunters missing has increased recently in the southern forest of Gloom Goblin Woods. A local lodge call blue rock has been found empty save for the remains of bloodied foot marks. Locals are blaming the regional rumor of some sort of undead creature.

Ghastly Horror Reported Rising From Local Graveyard

Local graveyard St Bethesda has been reporting sightings of a horrifying creature. Several night workers have seen a man with rotting flesh and riddled with worms walking at night. The owners of the yard have said that, “Though they cannot refuse that their help have said such things, they where however said with breath they smelled of dwarven ales.”


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